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Old plank floor damaged by woodworm


When the structural timbers in a property become damaged, it can be a disaster. Woodworm and dry rot are two of the most common causes for damage, and Batley-based Preservation Solutions are here to handle problems of this sort. We serve Bradford, Wakefield, Leeds, Huddersfield, and beyond.


Have you spotted little round holes in the timbers of your home? This can be a sign of a woodworm problem. Usually found in softwood or the sapwood of hardwood such as elm and oak, a woodworm is the larvae of a beetle that lives in, and feeds on, wood. This generally goes unnoticed until the larvae start feeding on the outer areas of wood, leaving visible damage. Of course, having something literally eat away at the structure of your property is a serious problem, so if you’ve noticed little holes appearing, it’s time to call the professionals at Preservation Solutions. We can survey and assess the level of infestation and carry out treatment that will control it and save your timber from further damage.


Dry rot is another serious problem that our team is equipped to handle. It’s a fungus that can infest properties, destroying wood and leading to severe decay which can spread rapidly through the timber of a building. It’s caused by moisture getting into a property, through penetrating damp, rising damp, or condensation, and it can cause serious damage very quickly, so it’s vital that you call us promptly if you notice any signs. We can treat dry rot and restore the strength and integrity of your home’s woodwork.

A mouldy water-damaged wall


It’s our job to make sure that problems in your home or business property are dealt with efficiently and thoroughly. We can tackle woodworm infestations, wet rot, dry rot, and more, and we’ll do it at a competitive price. We’ll aim to address the root cause of the issue – for example, do you have a ventilation problem leading to damp? When we’re finished, you can be confident that the timber in your property is safe and protected! If you’d like to find out more, or arrange for a member of the team to pay you a visit, please get in touch.

When you’re dealing with woodworm or dry rot, it pays to get the professionals involved!

Preservation Solutions in Batley covers Yorkshire and beyond. Call now.

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