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Do you have an unused and unloved cellar or basement? The team at Preservation Solutions in Batley can help. We offer basement tanking and conversion services that can transform that wasted space into a useful and pleasant room. We undertake projects right across Yorkshire – call us today.


It’s a fact of life that our needs change over time. The home that was comfortable and just the right size when you moved in can start to seem a little cramped as our family grows, or we find new hobbies that require space, or for a million other reasons. If you’ve started to feel like you need more room, but you want to stay where you are, then we may be able to help! If you have an unused basement or cellar that is currently going to waste, we can transform it into valuable living space that you can enjoy – and we’ll do it at a great price.


We often find that people haven’t considered the option of a cellar conversion because they’re under the impression that cellars are damp and not suitable for use as living space, but that’s not correct. We offer a basement tanking service that will coat the interior of the cellar with a liquid coating, called tanking slurry, that will dry and harden to form a continuous, waterproof shell that will keep your cellar dry and comfortable. With this done, you can transform your cellar into something special.

Basement in home


With your cellar now ready for conversion, it’s up to you what happens next! We can carry out almost any conversion that you could want, transforming the space into a utility room, a home gym, office space you can use to work from, a study or library, an additional lounge, a playroom for the kids… in fact, almost anything you can think of! We’ll work with you to create the right plan, then get to work. Our skilled and hardworking team will complete the work in a timely manner, getting things ready for you to enjoy your new room.

Let Preservation Solutions transform your cellar! We offer basement and cellar conversions that can increase the space in your property.

Contact our Batley office today.

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