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Interior loft design room with brick wall


When wall-ties start to corrode and fail, the stability of your property could be at risk. Let Batley-based Preservation Solutions take care of it – we offer wall-tie replacement services throughout Yorkshire and beyond, helping our clients keep their properties in great shape. Get in touch today.


Cavity walls are a feature of most homes in the UK – they’re an efficient way to retain heat, something that’s always useful with our weather! However, they can be prone to issues when moisture seeps into the cavity, causing corrosion of the wall-ties that keep them together. This can lead to cracks appearing in the wall, a sure sign that something is definitely wrong! If you’ve noticed cracks in the wall of your property, then it’s time to call in the team – we’ll assess the extent of the problem and let you know the best way to get it sorted.


There are a range of options available for replacing corroded and damaged wall-ties, and we’ll make sure that you get the most appropriate option for your needs. We can offer mechanical ties, resin or grouted ties, wire ties, or helical screws. Because every property is different, there’s no single best solution for corroded wall-ties. We’ll take the time to properly assess the situation before letting you know which option is likely to have the best results in your case. To arrange a visit by a member of the team, please contact our office in Batley today.

Brick wall construction for house building


When your walls start to develop cracks, it can be extremely worrying! It’s definitely something that requires prompt attention to avoid the situation deteriorating. However, it’s something that can be dealt with relatively simply when you have the right team on the job. We’ll remove and replace the damaged wall-ties, stopping the problem from getting worse, then carry out any structural repairs that are required, as well as repointing the wall to ensure everything is solid, secure, and looking great. We offer a complete service, and we cover all of Yorkshire and beyond.

Offering efficient and reliable wall-tie replacement services across all of Yorkshire, Preservation Solutions is the team you need.

Contact our office in Batley.

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